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I am Chef Adrianne “A’Bella” Walker a small town girl from Greenville, South Carolina with Creole and Caribbean roots. I grew up watching my grandmothers cook everything from Caribbean oxtails and Creole seafood gumbo to homemade yeast rolls, sweet potato pie and Southern fried chicken. In July of 2014 I started "A'Bella Catering" which then was simply selling plates from my little loft in the heart of Downtown Nashville, during my senior year of college at Tennessee State University. After rave reviews and much success I knew it was my calling and one month after graduating I moved to Los Angeles to start my culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. While in school I was a sous chef at a Caribbean restaurant, had an externship at a senior living facility and I also catered for various influencers, athletes, actors and artists. A typical day of work and school started at 5 am until midnight or later and holidays, it was not easy but I appreciated every opportunity to gain more knowledge about the industry.

    If I could could give any advice to any aspiring chefs it would be, work so hard that you don't notice if anyone doubted you and win so much your losses look small. Ten people can follow the same recipe and all have different results, but if they are all amazing and creative that’s all that matters. Your passion and God’s favor will take you places that no one can knock you down from. You must have thick skin because everything won't be happiness and fancy plates and most executive chefs don't walk around giving high fives. If you jump right into entrepreneurship, which is amazing, make sure you've done a cost analysis and know exactly how much you're spending on everything down to the last centThere will be people who don't believe you can cook if you're a woman, the culinary industry isn't the same as cooking for your family at home. There will be chefs who hire you then fire you because intimidate them. You will feel overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid at times. Let's not forget you will be in a kitchen 12 hours or more some days and there will be blood, sweat and tears.  Literally! 

    I decided to start a blog so you all could get to know me, see more of my passion and maybe take something away from it for your personal life or kitchen! I believe that what you eat is the root of everything, that’s why health and beauty is so important to me as well, because it all starts with food. All of my dishes aren’t kale and quinoa every now and then I live for a buttery mac and cheese or even a banana pudding cheesecake, but I believe it’s all about balance for overall health and that’s the beauty of mind, body and soul food. My services include but are not limited to weddings, baby and bridal showers, school events, business luncheons/dinners, private in-home dining, travel chef and meal preps.

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