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A'Bella The Brand

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Can you imagine going to the hospital due to stomach pains and having surgery because they see unusual "spots" and want to make sure it isn't cancer. Luckily, I was going on a five day vacation to Los Angeles a few days later. I told myself I would eat all the pancakes I wanted and when I got back to Greenville I would change my lifestyle, not just my diet.

I relaxed with friends, walked nature trails, had brunch, dinner and mimosas at some of my favorite restaurants. I didn’t tell anyone I was worried about my health, I just enjoyed not being in mommy mode and having a small break from reality. Thank you Courtney, Kyla and Quint you guys have no idea how much I needed to see you all & be around good energy.

When I returned home I changed my diet, got an OrangeTheory membership and a trainer. I knew I needed an extra push, I’ve worked out my whole life but at the time I wasn’t mentally ready. After college, culinary school, a couple failed relationships/engagement and a baby I was finally ready to make the lifestyle change. I knew the vision I wanted for my brand but I didn’t have the confidence, time or money to make any of it happen. I had been working a second job at Ruth’s Chris for a year at that point. I felt so lost and looking back now I can honestly say June 2018-September 2018 I was at rock bottom. Yes, just a year ago I was at the lowest I’ve ever been in life, don’t believe the Instagram hype.

In September I started nurturing the relationship with God that I’ve always had and focusing on myself. I struggled with anxiety, depression and post partum in silence but I took it day by day. Around December I got on the scale and realized I had lost 40 pounds and gained so much in other areas of my life.

Business was BOOMING baby, I catered my very first wedding August 2018 and a couple months later I had more weddings booked for 2018 and triple the amount for 2019. I was able to quit my second job December 2018 and I went from doing about 9 meal preps a week to 100. I remember my last day at Ruth's Chris being Christmas day and realizing I had missed two Christmases with my son just so he could have a good Christmas. That still makes me emotional to this day, because he’s only two. I witnessed God turn it all around, I witnessed the universe give me everything I manifested. Most of all I experienced PEACE, I was at peace with everything in my life good and bad. It took 27 years to get to this place emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially but the crazy thing I always knew I would get here even when I didn’t know how.

I had this vision years ago, I actually paid my graphic designer Jade Renee of Luxx Media group two years ago. I know she’s happy it’s over too. Lol However, in order for me to be able to bring it to fruition I had to be at this place. So I was basically just making the deposit on faith two years ago because I knew this was coming. I had to go through all the drama, move to different cities, be broke, lose friends, stop speaking to family members, cut some people off, be cut off.

The tests came back, no cancer and the spots weren't even there anymore. Look at God. This is my first time sharing this story and it is so liberating. I’m so happy to introduce my blog, I’ve literally been so nervous about and felt like I wasn’t perfect enough. The vision is above me now. Lol At first I didn't realize that it would all be a part of my journey and one day my story. I hope you take away something every time you visit my site whether it's knowledge or food. Lol I’ve really put my mind, body and soul into A’Bella The Brand

and I hope it can help someone do the same for themselves. I can’t wait to feature other really dope men and women on my blog. We are all in this together and I will highlight so many different unique individuals, stay tuned!


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